If you include his great-grandmother, Catalina Castillo, who ran a dining counter for the miners and cowhands of the Sonora-Arizona border at the turn of the 20th century, Jeff Earle's family has been in the restaurant business for four generations. A series of hard-luck diners and lunch counters eventually evolved into the first Red Onion Restaurant, which open in Inglewood in 1949. In this 19-seat diner, Jeff's grandfather, Harry, his father, Bart, and uncle, Don Earle, used grandma Catalina's recipes to perfect a cuisine that became a mainstay in Southern California life for the next 50 years.

At one time there were many Red Onion locations. Only the Palos Verdes Red Onion survives today. Since opening its doors in August 1963, it has been blessed with the loyal support of three generations of families and friends. One needs only to glance at the walls of the restaurant, displaying old mementos and fading photographs of long ago, to appreciate the history and good feeling that live within.

Jeff Earle has made it his mission to build on the restaurant's landmark past while offering new generations of customers a wide variety of food and drinks, plus good service, for their dining pleasure.